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  • 1975, Oct 2 - Vivekananda Sevashrama was established on the Gandhi Jayanthi Day by a few devotees of the Ramakrishna Math. Initial move was to setup free Sunday clinics at Vasanthapura to address general Medicinal needs of poor villagers around Bangalore. Another village Tataguni was added later. Still running, these two clinics have benefitted more than 2,50,000 persons.
  • 1981 - First free eye camps took place in BR hills in Karnataka and Tithimati.
  • 1998,Jan 26 - Establishment of Viveka Drishti on Republic Day at Bengaluru with a 10 bed facility above the Saraswathi Hospital premises at Banashankari II Stage Bengaluru.

Viveka Surya

The activities of Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama began with the setting up of the weekly medical clinic in two villages in the outskirts of Bengaluru viiz. Vasanthapura and Tataguni. Over the years, as the Sevashrama expanded, this wing and came to be known as Viveka Surya. Volunteers along with the doctors from Bengaluru travel every Sunday to these villages to open the clinic that cater to the needs of the villagers. To begin with, the Sunday’s Clinics were run in Government Schools located in the villages. While the Government School continues to provide the requisite space at Tataguni, a non-profit organization has come forward to provide the space for the Sunday Clinic for Vasanthapura clinic for the past 5 years.

Viveka Drishti

The goal at Viveka Drishti is to help visually impaired people due to cataract, to regain near normal vision so that they can carry out their routine activities at home and also earn a living if possible, instead of depending on others for everything. This cataract surgery gives them good vision for the rest of their life provided they do not have any other complications.Viveka Drishti focusses on IOL Cataract surgeries in PHC’s & Taluk Hospitals across the State. It conducts FREE IOL CATARACT EYE SURGERY (300 to 500 free surgeries in a two day camp). The results have been consistently good and these camps are gained in popularity in its outcome wherever the camps were conducted. In order to undertake such camps, Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama procured mobile unit to support their activities. These were stored at the hospital. Further, the Bengaluru unit initiated subsidised eye care activities.