Cataract surgery and IOL implant camps

For many years now the organization has been conducting eye camps in rural Karnataka, where the focus has been on Cataract surgery and IOL implants. These camps have been successfully run solely with the support of the volunteers. Right from the transport of materials required for surgery to the camp location and ensuring that the Operating conditions are sterile, the volunteer teams are doing stellar work that have made these camps very successful.

Conducting eye surgeries for children

Those children needing surgery are operated at Ushakiran Eye Hospital, Mysore, by the skilled hands of Dr. Ravishankar and his ever enthusiastic, dedicated surgical team. Cost is borne by Sevashrama.221 surgeries have been conducted till date on children of ages ranging from 3 months to 18 years.

Slow Learner Support Programme

With the present government policy of promoting every child to the next class without really assessing acquisition of adequate skills, many children are found to be unable to cope with the lessons of higher class. Sevashrama has stepped in to assist those slow learners by holding special classes. After initial spadework each group of children have been tutored under trained teachers at Hunasagahalli, Naguvina halli, Chandagala halli, Nelamane in Srirangapatna Taluk. The results are encouraging. To achieve any degree of success the teacher has to demonstrate tenacity, grit and has to have enormous patience to handle the child besides showering love and affection on his/her ward. It is a matter of satisfaction to say that we are succeeding considerably in this venture. Till now 180 children have gone on to join mainstream studies. We propose to extend this activity to some more schools in coming days.

Screening school children for eye defects

Free eye screening is carried out regularly for students from anganwadi,to pre university in rural areas of Mysuru, Mandya and Chamarajanagara Districts. Children with defective vision are identified and prescription glasses are given free. It is a matter of satisfaction that refractionists from different PHC’s extend full cooperation to us in organizing screening camps in different schools under their jurisdiction. On an average two screening camps are held in a week from July to March every year. More than 2,00,000 children have been so far tested for vision

Supporting children with Multi –Disabilities

Hulikere is a nondescript town near Mysore, Karnataka like innumerable towns and villages that dot our country side. Seventeen children are brought every day to a school. Unlike normal children who attend this school, these children are mentally challenged. If some are spastic, a few others are multi disabled. Brought up in isolating confines of their homes, these kids brighten up in the company of each other and interacting with other normal children. Sri Vivekananada Sevashrama has entered into the picture by providing toys, clothes and other aids, besides energy foods and milk along with midday meals. It has also arranged oil massage treatment for children by expert masseur. Parents are also counseled who are otherwise beset by gloom.Another school for mentally and physically challenged children at Chamundipuram Mysore,is supported by supplying food articles.