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Sight to Sightless

Eye Care project for children

The Mysuru branch is serving poor children up to the age of 18 years in education and healthcare since the last six years. It is carrying out its activities in three districts of Karnataka, around Mysuru city. We firmly believe in improving the quality of life of the poor, needy children, who are the future citizens of India in particular and this world in general.In the last three years Sevashrama, Mysuru branch, has conducted 190 school children eye screening camps in which it has reached more than 1,20,000 children, tested 10,000 children for eye defects, conducted about 90 eye surgeries and distributed more than 3,600 spectacles for the needy children.

Children eye care is done in the following stages(All services at no cost to parents):

  • Pre school screening: Our volunteers go to village aanganwadis (preschool) and check the children for eye defects.These children are asked to be brought to the designated school camps to be checked by Ophthalmologists.
  • Screening of children for eye defects in different schools is done in camps in villages.The team consists of an optometrist and three to four assistants.They go in a vehicle to the village schools on prearranged camp days.The assistants conduct vision tests and children with poor vision as well as having eye problems are separated and sent to the optometrist.
  • Optometrist checks these children for refractive errors in the camps and prescribes spectacles.Children who have other defects such as Cataracts, squint, Droopy lids, Tearing, cataract etc. and need expert advice are referred to come to Ushakiran Eye hospital, Mysuru whom we are working with.
  • When indicated, medical treatment is given.The team advises children in the camps, primary eye care and general hygiene practices.The prescribed spectacles are normally distributed in a fortnight(gratis for the children).
  • The children referred to Ushakiran Eye hospital, Mysuru are examined in detail and the parents are given suitable advice and medicines.Children needing surgeries are separated and are further examined by an anesthetist.
  • Surgeries on these children are performed in the eye hospital by a Pediatric Ophthalmic surgeon.Two anesthetists help the surgeon specially in the case of children below 3 yrs for extra safety.
  • Four to five post operation reviews in 6 weeks post op is the norm.

90 surgeries have been performed in the last three years. On an average it works out to about 65 to 70 camps per year, in which 45,000 children a year are tested for vision.Out of these, about 3,500 children were selected for refractive errors and an average 100 to 120 for more intense examination and possible surgery.Due to constraint in funding, the Sevashrama is not able to increase the activities. The proposed project envisages 200 surgeries in two years time.We request funding for this noble project.

School Children eye screening camp activities

Children waiting for vision testing
Education during school screening
Registration of children for refraction
Optometrist doing refraction
Doctor checking with Optholmoscope
Children wearing the spectacles provided