An appeal to the Sponsors

We welcome your interest in associating with Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama in organizing a Cataract Surgery Camp in your town. In this connection we wish to state a few things that need to be understood before we go further in the matter of conducting eye camp. Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama is a voluntary organization working for the welfare of the society aimed at bringing succor to the needy and the poor. In this we seek no name, fame or monetary profit. Our organization is sustained monetarily by charitable minded individuals/organizations/DBCS of Karnataka government & Sponsors.

All efforts are put in by volunteers with a sense of dedication and service motivation with no expectation of rewards or appreciation. It is but natural that we expect sponsors like you are motivated similarly to serve the society with no rewards- monetary, name, fame, of any kind as a goal other than service. Our goal being social good of society only, likewise, we do not expect any individual/association /organization intending to sponsor free cataract eye camps to have political & Personal gain or promotion of a political & Personal agenda as a motive.

If you think your organization has the selfless motivation of serving the society, kindly read further points for an understanding between us, so that the proposed camp is conducted smoothly and without any misunderstanding at any stage. Any point that needs discussion or a revision, contact us early so that things may be sorted out at an early stage. The following may kindly be read and agreed for compliance:

  1. A formal letter of intention to conduct the cataract surgery camp and how you intend going about it may please be sent to Managing Trustee of Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama.
  2. After the Sevashrama sends its acceptance letter to conduct the camp, the sponsor shall obtain a permission letter from the concerned District Health Officer of district permitting Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama to conduct surgeries in PHC/Taluk hospital with sterile OT suitable for conducting cataract surgeries. There shall be sufficient clean & sterile accommodation for the post operative patients in the hospital or nearby school.
  3. The operation theatre shall be Sterile for surgery. For conforming this, a swab test shall be conducted and a certificate of sterility obtained before finalizing the date for the camp.
  4. To facilitate ease of communication the sponsor shall furnish contact numbers of important names and phone nos. of the team of sponsors, doctors of PHC/Taluk Hospitals, refractionists of the area who select the cataract patients and others who are responsible for proper co- ordination of various activities.
  5. Suitable boarding and lodging arrangements be made for all patients and their attendants and Government staff on duty.
  6. The sponsor shall make boarding and lodging facilities for the team of doctors, volunteers and other staff totaling 30 members,in consultation with the Sevashrama.
  7. The sponsor shall arrange for volunteers, Govt. staff and others required for the smooth conduct of the camp.
  8. Preliminary tests like present vision, blood sugar, BP etc shall preferably be done by the PHC / Taluk Hospital where the camp is proposed to be conducted by the local PHC/Taluk Hospital. Those, whose BP is more than 170/95 and random sugar more than 150 may be given proper treatment to make them fit for surgery. Otherwise they will be rejected at the selection process.
  9. We do not associate with Political parties for conducting Eye Camps. Giving sight to sightless is a selfless divine activity which is not to be misused for personal gain.
  10. Last but not the least the total amount paid from the DBCS shall be given to us in full without any deduction. The actual cost is Rs. 1,500 per surgery. The sponsors shall take note of this fact and assist the Sevashrama in mobilizing resources from local donors & well-wishers. We request the sponsors to give Rs. 50,000 as advance for organizing the camp which will be paid back when payment is received from DBCS.

Kindly note: We do not distribute spectacles for post operative patients. However we distribute sunglasses after surgery for all the post operative patients. We welcome sponsors who are interested in distributing sunglasses and other materials, like dhothis, sarees and food articles & any other useful article for the poor patients.